Should I Wear Sunscreen Even In Winter??

Should I Wear Sunscreen Even In Winter??

Even though summer is turning into fall, UV rays can still damage your skin. You already know that UV rays can cause permanent skin damage, unsightly discoloration, or even cancer, but did you know that protecting your skin with sunscreen should be part of your routine all year?

Although you won’t feel the heat, your skin can still suffer damage from UVB rays. Thanks to reflective surfaces like snow and ice, the damage from these rays can be worse in the winter. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, snow reflects up to 80 percent of all UVB rays, further increasing your chances of getting skin cancer and premature aging.

To protect your skin, clothing is the first line of defense, but you also need a good sunscreen that matches your specific skin type to protect your face. We also have tinted sunscreen that you can use as a foundation for all-day protection! Our sunscreens come in many different SPFs, and they’ll keep you from getting skin damage from UV rays.

Also, did you know that infrared light rays can inflame and damage skin in the winter, too? While its damage can be minimal, new research shows that when infrared is coupled with UV rays, it can maximize skin damage. Thankfully, sunscreens exist that also protect you from infrared and work to repair your skin, too.

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Sun Protection at LifeTime Dermatology

Summer is here! I just want to remind you that the best sun protection is sun avoidance and covering up with clothing and hats. When it comes to sunscreens, I prefer physical sunscreens as they sit on the top of the skin and reflect the light, like the “Think Zinc” that we carry in our office. My favorite sunscreen is really a “super screen” that also repairs your skin – “Total Defense & Repair” by SkinMedica. I never go a day without this on my face, neck, chest and the backs of my hands. We also carry several Jane iredale products which contain physical sunscreens, Coolibar hats and Heliocare supplements. Please keep your skin safe over the summer!