AviClear – Acne treatment that lasts at LifeTime

What is AviClear?

Imagine not having to worry about acne. Whether you experience occasional breakouts or more severe, lasting cases, acne can dampen your shine and confidence. However, some treatment options can make you feel like you’re in a double-bind due to adverse side effects.

If you’re weighing your treatment options for acne, Lifetime Dermatology now offers AviClear, an FDA-cleared device for all levels of acne. You could only get a breakout once a month or have been struggling with severe acne for years, this treatment is made for you. It’s approved for all types of acne and all skin types.

How it Works

A little oil keeps your skin glowing and helps protect it from dirt and grime. However, excess oil traps dirt and grows bacteria that causes acne. That’s why AviClear targets the source of excess oil, making your skin produce less so your acne gets better over time.

AviClear is an “energy device,” meaning there are no creams or medications involved. Like laser therapy, it zaps at your overactive oil glands and slows their production of oil. That way, you can still enjoy a healthy glow without all the acne.

Scheduling an appointment is easy

An appointment only takes 30 minutes with no downtime so you can schedule it on your lunch break. There are no chemicals involved, and you only need three visits. That also means fewer painful cysts, days caking on concealer, or red blemishes. It also means not having to choose between managing acne and side effects from creams and medications.

Enjoy more breakout-free days and clear-skin smiles with an easy solution that’s been FDA-cleared and praised by beauty magazines like Cosmopolitan and Elle.

Ready to try a long-lasting treatment that permanently reduces acne without side effects? Call Lifetime Dermatology at (248) 362-3500 to schedule your appointment today!