Michigan Winter Skin

Although not a diagnosis found in a medical book, Michigan Winter Skin becomes a reality for most of us once the furnace is turned on in the fall. Dryness and itching of our skin becomes common place.

So what can you do? We typically recommend limiting shower time and keeping the temperature comfortable, but not hot. Use a good moisturizing bar to clean and avoid deodorant soaps.  Use a fragrance free moisturizing lotion daily. The best time to apply after you shower and towel dry. There are spray moisturizers available for those hard to reach areas such as your back. Vaseline Intensive Care is one brand.

For a dry nose you can use a saline nasal spray. This is easily found at most pharmacies. Misting each nostril at night before bed is a good habit.

These are good skin care habits to keep all year, but especially as we make it through the winter months.

And by the way, don’t forget the daily SPF on your face! We do need that even in the winter!


Hope you all weather the winter in good spirits and good skin!