Choosing the proper skin care routine

skin care routineThe most important thing about choosing a skin care routine is knowing your skin. There are many skin types and knowing yours will help you select the appropriate products. For instance, someone with sensitive skin may experience stinging/burning or reddening of the skin when products with a strong fragrance or harsh ingredients are applied. Another example is someone with oily skin should avoid heavy petroleum-based moisturizers and instead might try a light hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer. Knowing how your skin will react to certain ingredients is key to healthy skin and complexion.

Listed below are the 5 common skin types and characteristics of each.

  • Sensitive- red, itchy and dry
  • Normal- little to no sensitivity or imperfections such as visible pores or blemishes
  • Dry- red rough patches and a dull complexion
  • Oily- shiny complexion, large pores and skin blemishes
  • Combination- may be oily in certain areas of the face like the T zone but be normal or dry in other areas such as cheeks