AviClear – Acne treatment that lasts at LifeTime

What is AviClear?

Imagine not having to worry about acne. Whether you experience occasional breakouts or more severe, lasting cases, acne can dampen your shine and confidence. However, some treatment options can make you feel like you’re in a double-bind due to adverse side effects.

If you’re weighing your treatment options for acne, Lifetime Dermatology now offers AviClear, an FDA-cleared device for all levels of acne. You could only get a breakout once a month or have been struggling with severe acne for years, this treatment is made for you. It’s approved for all types of acne and all skin types.

How it Works

A little oil keeps your skin glowing and helps protect it from dirt and grime. However, excess oil traps dirt and grows bacteria that causes acne. That’s why AviClear targets the source of excess oil, making your skin produce less so your acne gets better over time.

AviClear is an “energy device,” meaning there are no creams or medications involved. Like laser therapy, it zaps at your overactive oil glands and slows their production of oil. That way, you can still enjoy a healthy glow without all the acne.

Scheduling an appointment is easy

An appointment only takes 30 minutes with no downtime so you can schedule it on your lunch break. There are no chemicals involved, and you only need three visits. That also means fewer painful cysts, days caking on concealer, or red blemishes. It also means not having to choose between managing acne and side effects from creams and medications.

Enjoy more breakout-free days and clear-skin smiles with an easy solution that’s been FDA-cleared and praised by beauty magazines like Cosmopolitan and Elle.

Ready to try a long-lasting treatment that permanently reduces acne without side effects? Call Lifetime Dermatology at (248) 362-3500 to schedule your appointment today!

What’s a physician assistant?

Physician assistants (PAs) support doctors at their practice. They perform many of the same jobs that doctors do and, like doctors, they’re trained, licensed, and certified to give you the best care. They can diagnose, treat, and examine patients like doctors, but always require a doctor’s supervision to practice medicine. They can create treatment plans, prescribe medicine, and counsel patients about their treatment options. They can also do minor surgeries, cosmetic procedures, and can provide pre- and post-op care.

Like doctors, a physician assistant has to begin their schooling with an undergraduate degree. Instead of going on to medical school, PAs go into a master’s program for twenty-four months. This can be continuous, year-round, but it’s usually spread out over three years. In their programs, they learn general medicine and do clinical rotations.

Although PAs don’t specialize like doctors, they can choose to work for a specialist. Much of their training is on-the-job training with their supervising physician. There are also organizations that certify PAs that are dedicated to specialties like the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants and the Michigan Dermatology Physician Assistants.

At Lifetime Dermatology, all of our practicing PAs are members of these organizations. These memberships give them access to conferences, workshops, training, and other continuing education that keeps their skills and knowledge sharp. Meet Dr. Hern’s team before stopping by for your appointment.

What Makes a Dermatologist?

What Makes a Dermatologist?

Did you know the average doctor only spends a couple of months learning about skin conditions, both in the classroom and in a clinical setting? With over 3,000 skin diseases out there, that’s not a lot of time to accrue the knowledge to diagnose and treat all of those skin diseases.

After all, dermatology is more than just skin conditions. Dermatology covers skin, hair and nails at all ages and stages of life. Your skin, nails, and hair are all unique parts of you, and no one’s is exactly the same. Thus, if you’re faced with a dermatological condition, you need someone who can take everything about your unique health into consideration.

Like all doctors, dermatologists have to complete four years of school, plus four years of medical school. They also complete an internship and a three-year residency. Their residency must consist of specialized training in dermatology, and the learning doesn’t stop there. Like other medical specialists, dermatologists need to achieve certifications and continue their education throughout their careers. Some dermatologists are even more specialized, going into pediatric dermatology, skin cancers, micrographic surgery, and more!

Granted, licensure and certification aren’t the same thing. Licensure is required to practice medicine; all doctors need licenses from the states where they practice medicine. Certification is voluntary and shows that the dermatologist has advanced knowledge in their chosen specialty and has made a commitment to lifelong learning. The American Board of Dermatology grants certification based on these requirements:
1. Completed a three-year residency program in dermatology
2. Passed certification exams
3. Committed to lifelong learning through seminars and other continuing education programs. That way, they’re at the forefront of knowledge in their field throughout their entire careers.

Lifetime Dermatology proudly participates in the ABD’s continuing certification program to bring you the most recent, effective treatments for your unique skin and any skin conditions you may face. Dr. Ann Hern has been certified since 1992 and participates in continuing certification to provide her patients with the best, most cutting-edge care.

Whether you’re coming in for a medical diagnosis, to treat a skin condition, Botox, acne treatments, or to take care of stubborn fat, rest assured we’re committed to treating you with the best knowledge and tools at our disposal. Book an appointment today and experience cutting-edge, personalized care.

Zap the fat: Make an appointment for truSculpt ID

Zap the fat: Make an appointment for truSculpt ID

You’ve done everything possible to get rid of stubborn body fat, from eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly to lowering your levels of stress. If your stubborn body fat won’t go away, you might be tempted to turn to costly surgeries like liposuction.

It’s easy to become frustrated when you work hard to eat well and exercise but still don’t see results. Fat might just stick no matter how hard you try, which is frustrating. What if we told you there was a more cost-effective, less invasive option for getting rid of stubborn fat?

Now at Lifetime Dermatology, you reach your goals without expensive, invasive surgery thanks to truSculpt ID. It’s a revolutionary, non-invasive, and affordable body sculpting technology that zaps away your stubborn fat, no surgery needed!

Don’t believe us? Check out these before and after photos. After treatment, their bodies are smoother and more sculpted, what they should be after working so hard to achieve optimal results.

truSculpt ID can work to sculpt a little or a lot depending on your situation. Apart from blasting away stubborn belly fat, it can also target other areas of the body like the neck. Thanks to aging and genetics, stubborn neck fat can persist, even if you achieve the results you want on the rest of your body. truSculpt can help you get your jawline, face, and smile back to the way it was without needing to go under the knife.

With treatment that’s clinically proven to reduce fat by 24%, a procedure that can take as little as fifteen minutes and be hands free, and won’t break the bank, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today!

Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments

Fun fact, did you know that the average woman pops 4,153 pimples in her life according to a survey by Study Finds? While we don’t recommend squeezing or popping pimples yourself, as that can cause more damage to your skin, we want to let you know you have more (better) options that can leave your skin glowing – and help keep acne at bay.

From a simple blackhead or whitehead extraction to an emergency intralesional steroid injection for cysts, Lifetime Dermatology has the tools to help keep your skin clear and lessen the pain of severe acne. We also have treatments specifically designed to prevent acne and leave your pores open and clear. Read our blog for more information, or visit our acne treatment page to learn more.

No one likes acne. At its mildest, it’s an unsightly blemish that goes away in a few days. At worst, acne breakouts can be severe, painful, and never-ending. Typically, breakouts begin around puberty and subside as we age. For some people though, acne doesn’t go away just because you’re past your teenage years.

Almost everyone gets acne at some point or another; it’s the most common skin condition in the world. It’s caused by a buildup of dead skin cells in your sebaceous, or “oil” glands. Dead skin gets caught in these pores, trapping the oil which then turns into blackheads, whiteheads, and even painful cysts.

Acne isn’t caused by a “bad diet” or poor skin hygiene, although these things can make it worse. Acne levels can also vary from person to person based on hormones, stress, and genetics.

Every case of acne is different, and that’s why so many treatment options exist.  Most remedies are over-the-counter, but if these don’t work, prescription treatments or in-office medical procedures could be the right next step for you.

From a simple blackhead or whitehead extraction to an emergency intralesional steroid injection for cysts, Lifetime Dermatology has the tools to help keep your skin clear and lessen the pain of severe acne like cysts.